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Manufacturer of eco-friendly household cleaning products, non-toxic animal care products and menstrual cups

There is always an alternative.

Our aim is to make products of daily use with the least possible negative impact on health and natural environment, to be as beneficial as possible for people and the environment.

Today we recommend you
BIKA ECOCLEANER - baking soda bag 1000 g
BIKA ECOCLEANER - baking soda bag 1000 g
BIKA – BAKING SODA – universal ecological cleaner and deodorizer. Extraordinarily versatile in the household, dozens of different applications.
48.76 Kč (free of VAT), 59.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

Sodium percarbonate (coated). Add to soapnuts or soapnut gel when washing white textile to add whitening and antimicrobial effect. Environment-friendly, dissolves to sodium carbonate, water and oxygen.
123.14 Kč (free of VAT), 149.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

GAIA PADS menstrual pads
GAIA PADS menstrual pads
A set of four menstrual pads, useful for a "200%" protection when using Gaia Cup
147.93 Kč (free of VAT), 179.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

An ecological cleaner with citric acid and essential oil for cleaning and desinfection of WC.
81.82 Kč (free of VAT), 99.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

Citrus spray effectively cleans dirt and grease from all surfaces. pH neutral.
139.67 Kč (free of VAT), 169.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

ESSENTIAL OIL Lavender 30 ml
ESSENTIAL OIL Lavender 30 ml
ESSENTIAL OIL Lavender 30 ml
139.67 Kč (free of VAT), 169.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

GALL SOAP (140 g)
An efficient removal of individual stains particularly of organic origin (grease, fruit and vegetables, blood, ink, grass, red wine, soil etc.). Suitable for white and color-stable textile from natural and synthetic fibers.
28.93 Kč (free of VAT), 35.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

Gift basket, large
Large gift basket with ecological detergents Y&B contains a 750 ml package of citrus spray, 10ml lavender essential oil, a lavender cotton bag, 1l of universal cleaner, 250ml of dishwashing gel, a large lavender soap and a blue-green string bag with a short handle.
635.54 Kč (free of VAT), 769.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

L'VANDU LOVE - Laundry rinse (1 l)
Use this laundry rinse instead of regular fabric softener. Laundry rinse is mildly acidic and neutralizes alkalinity in laundry, reducing possible skin irritation.
106.61 Kč (free of VAT), 129.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

SOAPNUT LAUNDRY GEL with Ag - 250 ml
Gentle yet effective gel made of extract from organic soapnuts with an additive of coloid silver that has microbial and fungicidal properties. Best suitable for functional textile. Does not leave residues in the microfibres. Do not use softener when washing functional textile. Smaller package suitable for occasional use.
57.02 Kč (free of VAT), 69.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

String bag from organic cotton, short handle, raspberry
String bag from organic cotton, short handle, raspberry
Traditional avoska (perhaps bag) made from organic cotton. Lightweight, heavy duty and durable. A perfect replacement for single-use plastic bags.
98.35 Kč (free of VAT), 119.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

WATER HARDNESS test strip - use for detection how hard your water is. Important for correct dosage of laundering products. Hard water should be softened by water softener especially if you plan to use soap products.
16.53 Kč (free of VAT), 20.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

WATER SOFTENER (850 g bag)
Hard water causes decreased efficiency of laundering products and requires its higher use. Soap-based products cause creating of incrustations. Use of water softener is advised in such case.
123.14 Kč (free of VAT), 149.00 Kč (inc. of VAT)

Our goods are usually available in Brno, Czech Republic, or can be quickly produced based on your demand. Our products can be listed via left menu where the main brand "Yellow and Blue" is followed by other brands and misc. other products. Feel free to write us or call us if you have any questions and inquiries.
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